PPN Fundraisers

At any given time a PPN fundraiser is going on. Please check out  what we have going on right now!

They’re Back!

Pig Placement Network’s 2018 Calendars are now on sale!  This calendar features the lovable snouts of the piggies available for adoption through  Pig Placement Network.  Click the button below to order your calendar…and several others that you can give to your friends and family!  Calendar sales benefit the piggies in foster care at Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp.

Click here to purchase your calendar!

Curly Tail Coffee’s Petunia Roast


Pig Placement Network has teamed up with Curly Tail Coffee to offer you a chance to purchase a bag of coffee inspired by Petunia the Potbellied Pig.  Each 12 ounce bag costs $11.00, and $1.00 is donated to Pig Placement Network!

Petunia Roast, peaberry coffee, small batch coffee roaster, home roasted coffee (Pig Placement Network)

Product Description: Curly Tail Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster located in Lower Burrell, PA. Each 12oz bag of coffee is roasted on a made-to-order basis so that ultimate freshness is guaranteed.

The Petunia Roast is made from Peaberry coffee beans grown in Tanzania, primarily in the highlands of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Peaberry portion of the name refers to the shape of the coffee bean. Typically a coffee bean will split into two halves as it grows, however about 10% do not, and instead form a single, rounded bean resembling a pea. The shape is very unique just like our Juliana mini pig Petunia! When brewed, The Petunia Roast produces a very flavorful and intense cup of coffee. It is also considered one of the most aromatic coffees available.

Your purchase is benefiting Pig Placement Network. $1 from each bag will be donated to this rescue. www.pigplacementnetwork.org

Please visit Curly Tail Coffee’s Etsy page to make your purchase!


Pig Placement Network invites you to purchase a bottle (or more) of the uniquely named wine selection from Benefit Wines.  All proceeds of the fundraiser will go toward funding endeavors to help provide homes and shelter for displaced pigs.  Please click below to visit our Benefit Wines page.

Buy your Wine here!

PPN BANNER72 They’re here!

Pig Placement Network is teaming up with Charity Wicks to provides from great Holiday gift ideas! Now, we’re not saying that you NEED candles, but they certainly do create that ambiance that you have been searching for.  Select from many wonderful scent to add to your collection, and support PPN.

Please click the button below to make a secure order through charity wicks!

Buy your Candles here!