PPN Board of Directors Profile of Julie Pochron

Julie Pochron Pic In 1998, I picked out of a birdcage hung in a pet store window in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Emmett was carried on a plane and brought to his new home in NYC. He was a “teacup mini pig” promised to be 10 pounds when full grown. Julie and Emmett met Susan at Ross Rill Farm soon after and Susan broke the news that Emmett, when full grown, would be about 130 pounds. By the time Emmett was an adult he tipped the scales a 135 pounds just as Susan predicted. After learning about “teacup mini pigs” the hard way Julie and Emmett became advocates in promoting truth and education about mini pigs. In 2013 Emmett got an adopted brother named Pygmy. Emmett was a true companion full of life and devotion for over 19 years.

Professionally; Julie is a photographer, a professor, and owns a photographic
printing studio in Brooklyn, New York. Julie and her husband Murphy live and work in Brooklyn with their pig Pygmy, dog Fugu, and cat Noodles.

Julie was elected to the PPN board in the beginning 2014 and works with the sponsorship of pet pigs waiting for permanent homes. In 2019 Julie was elected Vice President of the PPN board.