PPN Board of Directors Profile of Jenny Hughes

Jenny is happy to be one of the newest board members to join PPN in 2019.  She has always loved pigs and began volunteering at Ross Mill a few years ago.  Jenny would not have been able to adopt her 2 pigs, Saoirse and Harriet without the help of Susan and PPN in March of 2018.

Jenny’s love for animals began when she was very young and has continued into her adult life.  She was a vegetarian for 30 years before going vegan in 2017.  Jenny has worked as a veterinary technician for over 25 years and is also a certified Reiki Master, specializing in animals. Other interests include essential oils, music and travelling- especially to Ireland and Jamaica.

Jenny lives on a farm in Ottsville, PA with her partner, Dan.  Aside from her 2 pigs- Saoirse and Harriet, they currently have 3 other rescue pets- a sweet pitbull, Zuzu; an affectionate ginger kitty, Rua; and a quirky senior Siamese cat, Merlin.  Jenny has also ‘foster failed’ twice before with a senior hospice Cane Corso, Eva and a Treeing Walker Coonhound, Grainne and her passion to rescue continues…who knows who will be next to join the menagerie.

Jenny looks forward to her new role as part of PPN, which will include working with volunteers and following up with adopted pigs.