PPN Board of Directors Profile of Sheryl Rotondi

SR BIOMany years ago when Sheryl discovered a rescue group called Pig Placement Network featuring one of their swiney celebrities named Ally McSqueal, Sheryl knew she had found her calling. Completely inspired by the pig species and the needs of pigs needing adoption, Sheryl decided to volunteer for PPN, assisting Richard and Susan at fundraising events.

She rescued her first and dearest pigmaster, PC–short for Pork Chop– also otherwise known as Prince Charming among the sophisticated crowd. For years Pork Chop and Sheryl were the dynamic duo representing pig rescue at fairs and festivals in the Lehigh Valley. Pork Chop entertained many a non-pig person and charmed them with his vivacious personality and wide smile.

Now Sheryl’s pig family consists of PC, Foster, Freddie, and the renowned and idiosyncratic Pee-Wee. At summer events Pee-Wee hoists a donation basket on his nose as Sheryl calls to the crowds, “Pee-Wee’s asking for donations for his pig friends! Can anyone make a donation?” And with that, Pee-Wee pumps the basket with his nose and grins. Most often the trick works, and people laugh and begin opening their wallets.

These days Sheryl and Pee-Wee spend most of their weekends at pet events in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley area informing people about the needs of pet pigs and raising money to support PPN.