PPN Board of Directors Profile of Will Hagerty

100_3628Will has been involved with pigs since 2005 when Leslie and he got Penelope as a very young piglet.  Of course this was a new and foreign experience which required much patience and learning.  This led to a very intensive learning period that really has not stopped.  Will, along with Leslie, became involved with Ross Mill Farm through consultation with Susan and then with PPN by way of developing a business.  Swine And Dandy was designed as a Boarding, Consultation, and Placement Service.  However, it is impossible to do that kind of work without running into the placement aspect more often.  With a fair amount of thought and energy, he and Leslie became more and more involved with PPN and joined the board in spring of 2012.  Since then, they have developed a volunteer and networking base in the Great Lakes Area while placing and fostering pigs as needed.  Leslie and he have two of their own pigs, Penelope and Rosco (who was adopted from Ross Mill Farm in 2009).  As is the norm with pig people, he and Leslie usually have boarders and fosters all the time.

Professionally, Will is a Psychotherapist at Michigan Psychotherapy and Professor at Olivet College in Michigan.