Bogie - pig for adoption in Jamison, PA

Bogie is one of those males that just gets better looking with age. Still very healthy without signs of arthritis just a little graying of his beautiful coat.

Bogie was born in 2004. He lived with a family primarily indoors. He became overweight and they soon found he didn't like anyone but his family members entering the home. When they started some home improvement they decided to have Bogie stay at Ross Mill. The family then decided Bogie would be better off if he had a home more suited to a pig's needs. Bogie needs more time to adjust to a new environment than most pigs.

The best home for Bogie would be in an outside barnyard environment with grazing privileges or if in a home he would need his own space so he didn't need to interact with lots of people.

Bogie is a changed pig: he has lost his excessive weight and can now see hear and is no longer afraid of everything. Instead of a large pig, Bogie is now considered a medium pig. Bogie is currently living in the village at the farm and has access to outside all day. He loves his freedom and is so ready for a new home to call his own. He will need lots of space and would be great in a barnyard environment. His passive nature will make it easy to introduce him to another barnyard pig.

If you are interested in Bogie please visit our website and complete the application. If you would like further information you may contact Patti or Susan.

Qualified homes must 1) be in a zone friendly community 2)locate a vet that will care for pet pigs 3) own their home.

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Sex: Male Altered: Yes
Age: 16 yrs, 2 mos Lives: Outdoors
Size: Location: Jamison, PA
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