PPN Board of Directors Profile of Eileen Wanamaker

Eileen Pic

Eileen lives in the Allentown area of PA with her husband Kris, who is a home improvement contractor.  She manages the office and the home front.


Her first pig came into her and her husband’s lives Thanksgiving of 1996, via a friend of their son who brought Rosie home from college. There was much to learn about having a pig as a companion animal, and that learning process brought them first to Dr. Wilbers at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic, and then in 1998 to Ross Mill Farm.  Susan Armstrong-Magidson quickly introduced them to the many pigs in foster care and told them about Pig Placement Network, they were hooked.  Eileen and her husband became volunteers, adopted a 2nd pig, became a foster home for several litters of piglets, and on and on the story goes of pigs being like potato chips: you can’t stop at just one.


Eileen was asked to be a board member and has served in several capacities, currently as Treasurer. She enjoys helping with fundraisers and educational events, as well as rescues. She is always available to consult with those interested in adopting or those who have pigs and need some guidance. Helping to monitor both the PPN website inquiries as well as the Facebook page keeps her in touch with just how many pigs and people are in need of help. “The wind beneath my wings is the happy ending stories for each pig we have the opportunity to help.”
In addition to Eileen and her husband sharing their home with the pigs, they also have 2 dogs, a cat and a bird.  “You never know what the next animal to be cared for here may be.”  They are blessed to have one son, and beautiful daughter in law, and the light of their lives–their grandson.