Placement Advocates

RE: Searching for a few good volunteers to be Placement Advocates


If you are motivated to help pigs, one pig at a time. If you have a telephone, computer with internet and some time to give, you may be just the volunteer Pig Placement Network is looking for.


Placement Advocates have become increasingly needed with the excess of inquiries from people interested in possibly getting a pig. These families or individuals desperately need the facts, the honest answers to their questions to make good decisions. They need to decide if they qualify, if they are willing and able to make a commitment. If they have the facts less people will be inclined to purchase a pig online and pick it up at the airport.


Leads/Prospects are available to Placement Advocates by accessing a database kept online on the Pig Placement Network website. Also leads from the PBPNetworkers Yahoo list. Other possibilities are community outreach opportunities such as contacting your local shelters, vets and pet stores. Making posters and/or placing classified ads.




Basic Job Description


Qualify Leads

This includes e-mail correspondence, phone interview, checking references, calling current vet or helping folks find a Pig Vet. Also doing home checks, be it actual or virtual.


Coordinate the Placement

Communicate with the surrender or foster home, make arrangements with adoption home. Handle paperwork, medical records and adoption fees.


Be a PigPal… Follow Up

Continue to communicate via e-mail, phone or visits when possible

(1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year)

Basically remaining available as a PigPal as a support system, to answer questions as needed.



Those who would be interested in volunteering your time

Please email me at

Call me at 610-530-7763


I know together we can make a difference one pig at a time,