Rescue User Program

Pig Placement Network Provides Options

The PPN Rescue User Program provides free services to the overburdened pig rescue organizations and individuals. Rescue Users are given their own login access to to post the pet pigs they have in their guardianship. Rescue Users create and manage their own posts.

Posts are automatically added to the Surrender Pig Map of the United States with the Rescue User’s contact information.

Rescue Users can use their own Adoption Application or direct their prospective new family to the Adoption Application on the PPN website, where applications will be forwarded to you. Applications PPN receives in your area can be sent to you, as well.

As a Rescue User, you never lose control of your adoption procedures and policies. You are still responsible for the placements. The Rescue User Program can improve your adoption and success rate.

Anyone can direct pigs in need of rehoming to PPN for posting via our surrender page

Easy to Sign Up, Easy to Use

To apply to become a Rescue User, agree to the Code of Conduct and complete the Signup Form. New Applicants will receive an introduction email. Within 7 days, qualified New Rescue Users will receive an acceptance email with a Username and Password to post your pigs. Posting your pigs on the website is very user-friendly.

Rescue User Code of Conduct

Rescue / Adoption Forms

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Kristen Mitchell, Rescue User Program Manager