"Our Mission"

To promote domesticated pigs as pets. To provide education to pet pig owners, veterinarians, shelters and the general public. To work with animal shelters, humane societies and pet pig owners to rescue unwanted, abused or abandoned pet pigs and place them into new, loving homes.

Adopt a Pig

Having a pig can be a very rewarding experience.  Pig Placement Network strives to pair a pig with a suitable home.  We can help you  to decide if a pig is right for you.  Pig Placement Network places pigs based on their needs and can work with you to see what you can offer to one of our pigs.

Surrender a Pig

Unfortunately, there comes a time when you may feel that having a pig is not possible.  Pig Placement Network can help you to make that decision.  Many times a consultation can help resolve the issues you are dealing with.  If surrendering is the right choice for you, we can help place your pet pig with a suitable and loving home.

Help Out

There are many ways that you can help Pig Placement Network complete its mission.  Any level of assistance is very helpful.  We have the need for any position from fostering  to advocating  for pet pigs to sending e-mails or searching for possible homes.  Something as simple as spreading the word goes a long way toward making the placement of pet pigs easier.