Planned Giving

Is it possible to gain both personal and financial benefits in one decision? It is! Including Pig Placement Network in your estate planning allows for your legacy to continue and pigs to be cared for, all while your estate is taxed less.

There are various ways you can support Pig Placement Network in your Planned Giving:

Simply include Pig Placement Network in your will or planned giving. Our EIN number is 22-3597250. Our Legal Name is The Society for the Advancement of Pigs, DBA Pig Placement Network.

We’d love to know if you have included us in your Planned Giving for a much-deserved Snout Out! Please contact Michelle Rich-Bonn to let us know!

Pig Placement Network are not experts in planned giving, tax and financial advice. We strongly recommend contacting your financial advisor or lawyer for advice on any planned giving decisions.