Surrender Options

We know that having to surrender your pig is a painful and undesirable situation.  PPN has the resources available to be able to assist you with finding a new home for your pig.

PPN’s placement strategy is based on a home-to-home model.  That is, you will be the foster home for your pig while a forever home is found.  A pig reacts poorly to multiple placements.  Imagine being shuffled around from home to home without knowing when the next move will take place.  Ideally, the current owner can make accommodations for  their pig while a permanent home is secured.  However, there are cases when emergency placement is needed.  We can help you decide if placement is urgent or if there are some changes that can be made that will allow more time in your home. Perhaps there are even some changes that can be made that will allow you to be the forever home!

We can help you surrender your pig in these ways:

  • PPN will provide you with information and resources that will allow you to keep you pig or make accommodations in your home until suitable placement is found.
  • PPN will list your pig on the PPN Adoptables page.
  • PPN will contact leads that would be a good fit for your pig.
  • PPN will provide you with Zoning information if needed.

PPN strongly encourages each pig owner to make a reasonable attempt to make accommodations for their pig.  The majority of cases can be resolved with moderate changes in the home.