Rehome options

We know that having to give up your pig is a painful and undesirable situation. PPN has the resources available to be able to assist you with finding a new home for your pig.

PPN’s placement strategy is based on a home-to-home model. That is, you will be the foster home for your pig while a forever home is found. A pig reacts poorly to multiple placements. Imagine being shuffled around from home to home without knowing when the next move will take place. Ideally, the current owner can make accommodations for their pig while a permanent home is secured. However, there are cases when emergency placement is needed. We can help you decide if placement is urgent or if there are some changes that can be made that will allow more time in your home. Perhaps there are even some changes that can be made that will allow you to be the forever home!

We can help you rehome your pig in these ways:

Steps in the Rehoming Process

  1. Fill out the Pig Info Form
  2. The Info Form is received and reviewed by our Rehome Coordinator
  3. The Rehome Coordinator posts the pig on the PPN website and sends you an email with your pig’s link
  4. If you find a home for your pig or decide to keep them, please email the Rehome Coordinator so we can remove them from the website
  5. If we receive an application for your pig, we will contact the applicant to schedule a review. We always recommend asking anyone who contacts you about your pig to fill out the adoption application and go through the review
  6. The Adoption Coordinator will reach out to you to let you know about any pre-qualified applicants interested in adopting your pig or supply the applicant with a letter showing they’ve been qualified. If someone says they’ve been pre-qualified, please contact the Adoption Coordinator or Rehome Coordinator to confirm

We require pigs to be altered. If your pig is currently unaltered, the adopter needs to have a vet willing to spay/neuter and they must make arrangements for that to be completed as soon as possible after adoption. Please read The Importance of Spaying & Neutering.

Generally speaking, we do not allow rehome fees for Home-to-Home placements, except in specific circumstances such as a rescue situation. PPN does not allow breeders to use our website to sell pigs. We do thoroughly encourage you to take advantage of our rehoming process by following the above steps to ensure homes are properly reviewed.

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