Pet Pig Webinar Series

Our webinar series is for pig parents that want to learn more about their companion pigs.  

                     ... for people considering getting a pig as a pet  

                     ... for families with a pig

                     … for anyone interested in pigs

Learn the basic truths about pigs, why they make good companions and how to raise them to be happy, healthy members of a family.   

Susan Magidson, the owner of Ross Mill Farm and founder of Pig Placement Network, shares the knowledge she has learned from the hundreds of pigs that have been under her care for 30 years. To learn more about Susan visit

Topics covered are the nature of pigs and their intelligence, how their senses are different, pig language, nutrition, health, training, transporting… and more. 

The webinar series is part of the Pig Placement Network’s mission “to provide education to pet pig owners, veterinarians, and the general public.”  

The suggested DONATION to attend is $15.  You can join us from the comfort and safety of your home with all your interested family members.


2021 Zoom Pet Pig Webinar Series Schedule   (TIMES ARE EASTERN TIME)


May 13     Thursday       7 to 8 PM     EDT  Caring for Pet Pigs: Health & Nutrition

May 20     Thursday       7 to 8 PM     EDT  Caring for Pet Pigs: Housing, Training & Transport

May 29     Saturday     12 to 1 PM     EDT  Managing Inappropriate Pet Pig Behaviors


June 10    Thursday       7 to 8 PM    EDT  Understanding Pig Behavior

June 19    Saturday     12 to 1 PM     EDT  Caring for Pet Pigs: Health & Nutrition

June 26    Saturday     12 to 1 PM     EDT  Caring for Pet Pigs: Housing, Training & Transport


JULY 1   Thursday     7 to 8 PM      EDT  Managing Inappropriate Pet Pig Behaviors


For your invitation to attend, email with your request.