Board of Directors

Susan Armstrong-Magidson, President

Susan and her late husband, Richard, began their pig career with Bromley & Blossom in 1990.

By 1991 Susan founded the Delaware Valley PBP Association with a Rescue Committee, served as a Board Member then became President of North American Potbellied Pig Association, and co-chaired the NAPPA Ethics Committee.  In 1992, Susan became President of Ross Mill Farm, Inc to serve the pet pig industry, manufacturing pet pig products and providing services. In 1998 she co-founded Pig Placement Network.

Today, Susan continues to serve the pet pig by giving lectures, consultations and managing Ross Mill Farm and Pig Placement Network.

Julie Pochron, Vice President

Brooklyn, NY

Sponsorship Coordinator 

In 1998, picked out of a birdcage hung in a pet store window in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Emmett was carried on a plane and brought to his new home in NYC. He was a “teacup mini pig” promised to be 10 pounds when fully grown. Julie and Emmett met Susan Magidson at Ross Rill Farm soon after and Susan broke the news that Emmett, when full-grown, would be about 130 pounds. By the time Emmett was an adult he tipped the scales at 135 pounds just as Susan predicted. After learning about “teacup mini pigs” the hard way Julie and Emmett became advocates in promoting truth and education about mini pigs. In 2013 Emmett got an adopted brother named Pygmy from PPN. Emmett was a true companion full of life and devotion for over 19 years.

Professionally; Julie is a photographer, a professor, and owns a photographic printing studio in Brooklyn, New York. Julie and her husband Murphy live and work in Brooklyn with their pigs Pygmy & Skylar, dog Fugu, and cat Noodles.

Julie was elected to the PPN board at the beginning of 2014 and works with the sponsorship of pet pigs waiting for permanent homes.  In 2019 Julie was elected Vice President of the PPN board.


Jenny Hughes, Secretary

Ottsville, PA

Jenny joined the PPN board earlier in 2019.  She has always loved pigs and began volunteering at Ross Mill several years ago.  Jenny would not have been able to adopt her 2 Yucatán (mini) pigs, Saoirse and Harriet without the help of Susan Magidson and PPN in March of 2018.

Jenny’s love for animals began when she was very young and has continued into her adult life.  She was a vegetarian for 30 years before going vegan in 2017.  Jenny has worked as a veterinary technician for over 25 years and is also a certified Reiki Master, specializing in animals. Other interests include Irish dance, essential oils, music, and traveling- especially to Ireland and Jamaica.

Jenny lives on a farm in Ottsville, PA. Aside from her 2 pigs, Saoirse and Harriet, she has 2 other rescues- a sweet pitbull, Zuzu; and an affectionate ginger kitty, Rua. Jenny has also ‘foster failed’ twice before with a senior hospice Cane Corso, Eva, and a Treeing Walker Coonhound, Gráinne, and her passion to rescue continues…who knows who will be next to join the pack.


Patti Platia, Board Member

Jamison PA

Placement Coordinator

In 2007, Patti was blessed with an opportunity to take early retirement from “Corporate America” which afforded her the opportunity to work in animal welfare.  In January 2008 she arrived in Kanab Utah and began working at Best Friends’ Animal Sanctuary. It is there that she was first exposed to the amazing potbellied pigs of Piggy Paradise.  Having always been an animal lover….she knew what wonderful creatures they were…but had no idea how they would wrap themselves around her heart and become such an integral part of her life.

When she returned to Pennsylvania to be closer to her family, she really missed her piggy pals.  She was fortunate enough to be introduced to Susan Magidson at Ross Mill Farm. After the first day of volunteering, she was driving home (1 ½ hours away) thinking what a wonderful experience it had been and was determined to become a part of the Ross Mill Farm and Pig Placement Network family.  That was in September 2012. 

Patti has been the adoption coordinator (and fill-in “wherever” person) since then.  In February 2018 she joined the board and became Secretary from November 2018 - September 2019.   She continues to sit on the board of directors as a Board Member. She is excited to work with the wonderful people who dedicate themselves to improving the lives of these amazing souls.


Sharon Dillon, Legislative Chair & PPN Humane Officer


Ottsville, PA

Sharon has been a friend of PPN for many years and she has a deep love for all animals. Sharon is Pig Placement Network's Humane Officer.  As a music lover, she provided and managed the performers at The Piggypalooza Benefit Concert at the farm. Sharon and her husband reside in Bucks County with their five cats and two horses.

Liz Bailey & Mike Cassel, Rescue Committee Chair

New Bloomfield, PA

In 2009, Liz and Mike found an ad in the newspaper for a free pig and they ended up bringing home their first piglet, Piggie Smalls. A year later, they added Zongo. Through their adventures with 2 piglets in the house, they ran across Pig Placement Network and Ross Mill Farm, and the need for homes for unwanted pigs and all-around help in the pig community.

Liz and Mike rescued a handful of pigs through 2016. During that time, they befriended Susan and Patti and began to discuss all things rescue-related. Then in 2018, PPN posted about a pig neglect/hoarding situation happening nearby, and between their love of animals and Mike's 20+ years of experience growing up on a small family farm, it lit a fire for them to take on the hoarding case and begin their own formal rescue.

Now their sanctuary, Short 'n Curlies Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, is home to many pigs (some are permanent residents, some are fosters, and some are available for adoption), and one 3-legged turtle. Pig Placement Network has provided them with support over the years, and joining the Board Of Directors at the end of 2020 is their way of trying to help in return.