Digger in Jamison, PA

This handsome boy needs to find a new home. His mom did not know he was going to get as large as he has - you know the tale of the teacup pig. Digger (white) is friendly but does like protecting his territory when strangers are present and can become aggressive. It is a behavior we are working on at RMF. He is litter box trained and knows how to sit. He is very talented and has learned to open baby gates as well as refrigerators and cupboards. His new owners will have to be smarter than he is. He likes to sit in a lap be rubbed and loves his blankets. Digger is a medium sized pig.

If you are interested in Digger please visit our website and complete the application. https://www.pigplacementnetwork.org/adopt/adoption-application-page/

Qualified homes must 1) be in a zone friendly community 2)locate a vet that will care for pet pigs 3) own their home.

Additional Photos
Sex: Male Altered: Yes
Age: 11 yrs, 8 mos Lives: Outdoors
Location: Jamison, PA
For more information on this adoptable pet pig, contact:
PPN contact: Ashley
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PPN contact: Susan
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