Floral City Piglets 3 in Jamison, PA
Floral City Piglets 3

These wonderfully sweet & sociable pigs are living at Ross Mill Farm, just waiting for the right family! Rascal & Tango are the last remaining Floral City Pigs! Their mom Sandy & Aunt Mandy were just adopted, and the boys would love to find their forever home. 

A wonderful person (Thank you Brock!) is helping someone who was losing their home and needed help rehoming their 4 pigs. Unfortunately none of the pigs were altered and all three ladies were pregnant. One gave birth on November 8 and the others gave birth on January 16. All babies will be available for adoption once they are weaned, altered, and have had a chance to learn proper piggy behavior (about two months old). 

These piglets are altered and ready to be adopted. Intact pigs do not make the best companion animals. Spaying  prevents unwanted litters, curbs behavior problems, and prevents uterine tumors. Neutering prevents behavior issues and eliminates  that classic for odor. Altering pigs when they're younger is safe and usually less expensive than waiting until it becomes a problem or a medical emergency. There is an adoption fee for these pigs.


Males: Rascal, Tango (formerly Thing 1)


If  you are interested in adopting, please complete the application and mention the FLORAL CITY PIGLETS for the pig(s) you're interested in: 


Qualified homes must 1)be in a zone friendly community, 2) locate a vet that will care for pet pigs, 3) own their home

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Sex: Male Altered: Yes
Age: 1 yr, 6 mos Lives: Indoor/Outdoor
Location: Jamison, PA
For more information on this adoptable pet pig, contact:
PPN contact: Lauren
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PPN contact: Susan
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