Frank in Jamison, PA

Frank the Swinentist is very socialized and is a real sweetheart. He came to Ross Mill Farm in August 2022. He was a research pig who was used in a memory study where there was no harm done to him. Yucatan pigs pigs are often used in research in due to their pleasant personality and their manageable size. 

He is not an indoor piggy; he's a bit of a bull in a china closet. Frank definitely needs a lot of outside space. He needs a rural environment with acreage - a partially wooded area with a minimum of one acre of fenced land for him to roam and explore. 

He has a skin condition that may need additional treatment from time to time. He has no problem with us touching him and checking him out. 

If you are interested in adopting, please complete the application and mention the name, city, and state of the pig(s) you're interested in:

Qualified homes must 1) be in a zone friendly community, 2) locate a vet that will care for pet pigs, 3) own their home, and 4) transportation of pigs adopted from RMF must be by the adoptive family with no longer than a 5-hour drive time from Ross Mill Farm.

Donations to PPN are greatly appreciated so we can continue to help pigs.

Additional Photos
Sex: Male Altered: Yes
Age: 3 yrs, 6 mos Lives: Outdoors
Location: Jamison, PA
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PPN contact: Ashley
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