Percy in Jamison, PA

Percy is a super sweet and friendly young guy in need of a new home. He's boarding at Ross Mill Farm and is such a lovely and social boy. He'll come right up for attention and pets. Percy seems like he's perfectly happy to be the sole focus of your attention. He's done well children who have visited and met him. He really is *THE* choice for someone looking for a single pig! Percy is a gem of a pig and the perfect piggy for someone who is only looking to have one pig. 

If you are interested in adopting Percy, please visit our website and complete the application and mention "Percy at RMF" for the pig(s) you're interested in:

Qualified homes must 1) be in a zone friendly community, 2) locate a vet that will care for pet pigs, 3) own their home.

There is an adoption fee for Percy. 

Additional Photos
Sex: Male Altered: Yes
Age: 2 yrs, 3 mos Lives: Indoors
Location: Jamison, PA
For more information on this adoptable pet pig, contact:
PPN contact: Ashley
Email Me!
PPN contact: Susan
Email Me!