Sonny in Jamison, PA

Meet Sonny! He has always lived indoors, but he's a BIG BOY and a bit of a bull in a china closet situation inside. He has never lived fully outdoors and has always slept inside. Sonny is a bit of a loner and enjoys walking the property - he's a nature boy, loves the woods and wandering around, grazing and snurtling. His owner was a paraplegic and Sonny was his favorite pet pig and a wonderful companion. He came to Ross Mill Farm after his owner passed. Sonny was heartbroken for a long time. He's got an enormous heart and it took a while to heal, but he's doing very well now and is loving life again.

If adopted, Sonny's future home will have to provide him with lots of land to roam, as well as enough space indoors to be able to have him come inside at night and for daytime naps when he's not wandering the great outdoors for hours upon hours. He has a large indoor pen that he shares with two friends, Snooter & Wooter. The cuddle piles the three of them make are absolutely adorable! Sonny lives a pretty great life at RMF, so any potential adopters for this amazing boy will need to be able to provide a truly wonderful home with many of the same luxuries Sonny currently enjoys - he has very high requirements for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting, please complete the application and mention the name, city, and state of the pig(s) you're interested in:

Qualified homes must 1) be in a zone friendly community, 2) locate a vet that will care for pet pigs, 3) own their home.

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Sex: Male Altered: Yes
Age: 11 yrs, 9 mos Lives: Indoors
Location: Jamison, PA
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PPN contact: Patti
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PPN contact: Susan
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